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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

ISBN 9780078029486
Edition 5
Publication Date
Publisher Mcgraw-Hill
This product has been discontinued.

PART ONE: Introduction to Employee Benefits

Chapter 1: Introducing Employee Benefits Chapter 2: The Psychology and Economics of Employee Benefits Chapter 3: Regulating Employee Benefits

PART TWO: Retirement, Health, and Life Insurance

Chapter 4: Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans Chapter 5: Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Programs Chapter 6: Employer-Sponsored Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, and Workers’ Compensation Programs Chapter 7: Government-Mandated Social Security Programs

PART THREE: Services

Chapter 8: Paid Time-Off and Flexible Work Schedules Chapter 9: Accommodation and Enhancement Benefits

PART FOUR: Extending Employee Benefits: Design and Global Issues

Chapter 10: Managing the Employee Benefits System Chapter 11: Defining Executive Employment Status Chapter 12: Global Employee Benefits at a Glance

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