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Energy: Physical, Environmental, and Social Impact

Energy: Physical, Environmental, and Social Impact

ISBN 9780130932228
Edition 3 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers Inc
For non-majors introductory energy courses in the departments of Physics, Geology, and Geography. The most complete book of its kind on the market, this text focuses on energy needs, trends, and long-term prospects and resource supplies. It discusses the physics of energy, atoms, nuclei, thermal energy, solar energy, alternative energy, and consequences of energy production. - NEW - Extensive additional reading material: Examples which include: the nonexistence of "heat energy"; how real power plants operate; how hybrid automobiles work and save the environment; details of Milankovitch cycles and the effect on climate; how modeling is used in science; insulation and R-values; how to save energy while still using appliances - Broadens the book and allows teachers and students to focus on germane issues in more detail if they wish. Over 100 "Extensions," available on new Companion Website, allows students easy access to essays and case studies. - NEW - The third edition has been reorganized into eight units - Provides greater clarity in presentation. - NEW - Coverage of current topics: Such as Acid Rain, Global Warming, and Transportation - Provides topics that students can relate to. - NEW - Extensive updates of over 65 percent of the end-of-chapter questions and problems. These materials are organized in the following types: discussions questions, numerical problems, multiple-choice review questions, and short-answer questions - Allows instructors to choose questions that best suit their teaching needs.

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