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Energy Systems and Sustainability

Course Codes : SEM292, EENV592

Energy Systems and Sustainability

ISBN 9780199593743
Edition 2
Publication Date
Publisher Oxford University Press
Beginning with a survey of basic energy concepts, the book describes the magnitude and patterns of human energy needs at various levels. Focus then turns to an overview of the fossil and nuclear-fuelled energy that, together with hydroelectric power and traditional biofuels, supply most of the world's commercial energy needs. Sections on economics describes the basic methods by which the monetary costs of energy are calculated, and discuss the issue of 'external' costs of energy production. The concluding chapters consider the sustainabliity problems associated with both fossil and nuclear fuel use, and ways in which they might be ameliorated by various technological and social developments. This is done in the context of a rising use of renewable energy, which is dealt with in more detail in the companion volume Renewable Energy..

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