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Environmental Ethics: What Really Matters, What Really Works

Course Codes : PHIL256, PHIL258

Environmental Ethics: What Really Matters, What Really Works

ISBN 9780199793518
Edition 2 Rev ed
Publisher Oxford University Press Inc
Publication Date
Extensively revised and expanded in this second edition, Environmental Ethics: What Really Matters, What Really Works examines morality from an environmental perspective. Featuring seventy-one accessible selections-from classic articles to examples of cutting-edge original research-it addresses both theory and practice. Asking what really matters, the first section of the book explores the abstract ideas of human value and value in nature. The second section turns to the question of what it would take to solve our real-world environmental problems. Moving beyond the "hype," it presents authoritative essays on applying environmental ethics to the issues that matter right now. The book is enhanced by chapter introductions ("Questions for Reflection and Discussion") that offer brief summaries and questions for further analysis and class discussion. NEW TO THIS EDITION * New chapters on climate change, urban management issues, and technology (Chapters 12-14) * Twenty-nine new readings on a wide range of topics, including: * The human relationship with wilderness, the agricultural contradictions of obesity, the roots of the environmental crisis, ecofeminism, and the ethics of ranching * Current practical issues like the costs of tragedy, urban waste management, genetically modified food, nanotechnology, and institutional support (or lack thereof) for environmental activism * "Free Market Environmentalism Pace Environmentalism," by Dan C. Shahar, and "Air Pollution Abatement Strategies," by Tom Fournier, both custom-written for this anthology Ideal for undergraduate courses in environmental ethics, environmental philosophy, and environmental studies, Environmental Ethics, Second Edition, is also a helpful resource for graduate students and professors.

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