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Essentials of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Essentials of Electrical and Computer Engineering

ISBN 9780139239700
Publication Date
Publisher Prentice Hall
For an introductory course or course sequence in electrical engineering or electrical and computer engineering. May also be useful for the reader who wishes to use a self-study approach to learn the fundamentals of electrical and computer engineering. With its clear presentation of fundamentals in the context of various applications from all engineering fields, this text by proven authors represents the best balanced general introduction to the field available. It introduces the latest technologies such as MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems) to illustrate how modern technologies are interdisciplinary. Presenting modularized coverage of a wide range of topics to afford instructors great flexibility, Essentials of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is an exceptionally strong teaching tool--gently yet thoroughly introducing students to the full spectrum of fundamental topics; offering strong pedagogical support and clear explanations, and never relying on superficial, cursory explanations.

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