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Essentials of Law for Health Professionals

Course Codes : MIDI3102

Essentials of Law for Health Professionals

ISBN 9780729539159
Edition 3rd
Publisher Mosby
Publication Date
"Essentials of Law for Health Professionals 3e" has been thoroughly revised and updated throughout to reflect the most recent changes in legislation relevant to the provision of health care services in Australia. Employment status of health professionals and issues of work cover, health and safety obligations, anti-discrimination issues are clearly outlined and discussed in the new edition. Legal issues surrounding genetics, fertility and surrogacy are reviewed in conjunction with the current position on abortion and wrongful deaths. The breadth of material is presented in a manner that is more in keeping with a student resource text rather than a law book. It emphasizes major points and includes summaries on how the law relates to practice rather than merely stating the law. The new third edition continues to present contemporary issues relevant for health science students from the clinical setting through to management and employment, as they apply to each state.

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