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Essentials of Pediatric Nursing

Essentials of Pediatric Nursing

ISBN 9781451192384
Edition 3
Publication Date
Publisher Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
Essentials of Pediatric Nursing is intended for Pediatric Nursing courses with an integrated pediatric curriculum. It provides a unique concept-based approach and nursing process focus that helps students go from concept to application by building on previously mastered knowledge from other courses. The new edition of the text focuses on allowing students to apply concepts from the book to cases throughout the book. It also emphasizes developmental considerations and atraumatic care, illustrating the unique nature of a pediatric patient. Also new to this edition are highlighted sections, showing student„s key areas in the text that students commonly struggle with and real life critical thinking exercises. This edition will have a comprehensive supplements program to support faculty and student needs, in addition to a pediatric nursing videos series available on thePoint. Features: Hallmark Features and Key Revisions/Update: New: Misconception Alert, Boxes focusing on items that "students often misunderstand", drawn from PrepU. Feature subtly branded to PrepU. Aim to help students focus., New: Dose Calc Box, Dose Calculation Boxes: Keeping the focus on differences between adult and child patients at the front of student„s minds., New: End of Chapter Case, End of chapter case study to apply course content. Phase I of case is in the book and entire unfolding case study is on thePoint. Linking print/digital., New: Bringing it all Together, Segment drawing content application from from multiple chapters, to develop dynamic/critical thinking. Including prioritization, development, etc. To be located at end of chapters for all of unit 4., Update: Threaded/Unfolding Case, Making note of the 'unfolding case„, at each feature occurrence, throughout each chapter and aligning photo in chapter opener to small photo assigned with threaded case to make feature more visible to students., Update: Worksheet, Including a question focusing on dosage calculation in the worksheet, Update: Developmental Considerations, Adding more developmental considerations throughout the book to help students understand the importance/difference between children/adults, Update: Key Terms, Putting more advanced terms in this section of the book, Update: Teaching Guidelines, Making these briefer and adjusting formatting for brevity, Update: Consider This, Guidelines on thePoint for answers/guidance on how to reach answers with page numbers, Visual preface, Preface to have visual walk through of key features,

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