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Essentials of System Analysis and Design

Essentials of System Analysis and Design

ISBN 9780130183736
Publisher Prentice-Hall
BOOK FEATURES: *SDLC Framework Central to the development of an efficient information system is the systems development life cycle (SDLC). Each chapter opens with an SDLC figure with parts highlighted to show students how each chapter, and each SDLC phase, systematically builds on the other. We highlight four key SDLC steps: Planning and Selection; Analysis; Design; Implementation and Operations. *Internet Coverage and Features Electronic Commerce Application: Pine Valley Furniture WebStore: A furniture company founded in 1980 has decided to explore electronic commerce as an avenue to increase its market share. Should this company sell its products online? How would a team of analysts work together to develop, propose, and implement a plan? Beginning in Chapter 3, we explore the step-by-step process. Broadway Entertainment Company, Inc.: This end-of-chapter case illustrates how a fictional video and record retailer develops a Web-based customer relationship management system. This case first appears at the end of Chapter 2 and concludes at the end of Chapter 10. Net Search: Each chapter includes a boxed margin feature entitled "Net Search." Students can access http://www. prenhall.com/valacich to link to a specific site related to the topic within the chapter and complete an exercise. *Three Illustrative Fictional Cases Pine Valley Furniture: This case is introduced in Chapter 2 and revisited throughout the book. As key concepts are presented, they are applied and illustrated with this case. Hoosier Burger: Starting in Chapter 5, we use this case of a fast food restaurant to illustrate how analysts would develop and implement an automated food ordering system. Broadway Entertainment Company, Inc.: This video rental and music company extended case the illustrates key chapter concepts.

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