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Ethics and Legal Professionalism in Australia Ebook

Ethics and Legal Professionalism in Australia Ebook

ISBN 9780195589085
Publication Date
Publisher Oxford VitalSource eBook
Ethics and Legal Professionalism in Australia is about lawyers, their professional conduct obligations, and their ethical choices. It is a guide to the key concepts, the relevant rules and potential conflicts relating to legal ethics. It is designed to encourage discussion and debate inside and outside the classroom about professional obligations, their rationales, their expression in the various rules of professional conduct, the relationship between the profession and the public and the relationship between the profession and regulating bodies. This book is different to it's counterparts as it is arranged thematically to get to the heart of lawyers' professional obligations and provide the rationale for these, rather than focussing heavily on rules of professional conduct. Good professional conduct requires not only the ability to follow rules, but to make sound professional decisions and to act according to an understanding of the fundamental principles of lawyering. This different approach to professional conduct opens up different ways of using the book in teaching. Key features Addresses the TLOs and National Law where relevant Appendixes include a Legislation comparison table, Professional Rules for Solicitors comparison table, and Professional Rules for Barristers comparison table for easy reference. Appreciates the diversity of the legal profession and the impact this diversity may have on ethics and professional conduct. Addresses the changing legal environment and encourages student to reflect carefully on what it means to use their professional judgment

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