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European Union Law

Course Codes : LAWS5162

European Union Law

ISBN 9780415582469
Edition 2nd edition
Publication Date
Publisher Routledge Cavendish
Now in its second edition, "EU Law" has been fully revised and updated following the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty in December 2009. It now contains entirely new chapters on the Protection of Human Rights in the EU; the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice and the Common Foreign and Security Policy. Specifically written to give law students detailed and up-to-date knowledge of all the main areas of EU law, the book provides an in-depth and detailed examination of, and commentary on the areas of institutional and of substantive EU law forming the syllabus of standard academic courses on EU law. Unlike other texts, this book successfully combines authoritative text with case summaries and judgments, these being highlighted in color tinted boxes for easy identification. The author identifies the relevant points and key facts of the leading cases and discusses the judgments in detail, often in the light of subsequent developments. Student-friendly features include: short summaries at the beginning of each chapter outlining the topics and concepts covered; an aide-memoire at the end of each chapter to highlight and reflect upon the main points; recommended reading at the end of each chapter to facilitate further research; and, a full colour map identifying EU Member States (with accession dates) and candidate states. This book is an essential resource for those studying EU law on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses and will also be of interest to students of political science, social science and business studies.

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