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Evidence-Based Care for Midwives: Clinical Effectiveness Made Easy

Evidence-Based Care for Midwives: Clinical Effectiveness Made Easy

ISBN 9781846191473
Edition 2nd edition
Publication Date
Publisher Radcliffe Publishing Ltd
This highly practical book is written specifically for midwives, having been developed from the best-selling "Clinical Effectiveness and Clinical Governance Made Easy, Fourth Edition". Requiring no prior knowledge, it provides a straightforward guide to the topics of clinical effectiveness and clinical governance, avoiding jargon but explaining relevant terms in the context of practical midwifery. The second edition has been completely revised, updated and expanded throughout. It takes midwife readers from the stage of assessing their current position to framing an enquiry, searching for evidence, reviewing published papers, and applying the resulting evidence in practice. It describes implementing clinical governance through the practical application of the various components of a quality midwifery service, with numerous relevant examples. The workbook approach is ideal for students and professional midwives continuing professional development.

Due Date 22/12/2018

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