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Evidence Law in Queensland

Course Codes : 5194LAW

Evidence Law in Queensland

ISBN 9780455233857
Edition 10 ed
Publisher Thomson Reuters (Lawbook Co)
Publication Date
Evidence Law in Queensland provides practitioners and students alike with reliable and comprehensive commentary on the Evidence Act 1977 (Qld). Over nine previous editions, John Forbes has delivered an expert, authoritative, and regularly-updated resource for practitioners, law enforcement professionals and students. The 10th edition incorporates fresh analysis of legislative and case law developments, including: Legislative amendments to 15 August 2014; the addition of nearly 300 cases; amendments to the Evidence Act including ss 46A, 47, 48, 54, 95, 95A and 133A; elaboration of the parol evidence rule; additional material on expert evidence (eg facial mapping) and assessment of competing experts; new material on similar facts, including England's departure from the common law; waiver of legal professional privilege and relief from inadvertent disclosure; more on issue estoppel and discretionary exclusion of prejudicial material; recent decisions on directions relating to 'affected child's' evidence; and Section 93A (discretion to allow statement to go to jury room) - necessary directions. Evidence Law in Queensland 10E upholds this title's well-earned reputation for providing essential guidance to the law and practice of evidence in Queensland.
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