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Examination of Musculoskeletal Injuries

Examination of Musculoskeletal Injuries

ISBN 9780736051385
Edition 2 Revised edition
Publisher Human Kinetics Publishers
Become proficient in the recognition of musculoskeletal injuries, know when to refer clients to physician care, and grasp all the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) Athletic Training Educational Competencies related to injury and general medical condition recognition with the completely revised second edition of Examination of Musculoskeletal Injuries. Formerly known as Assessment of Athletic Injuries, this revised textbook gives you all the tools you need in one comprehensive and logical resource. The text, part of Human Kinetics' Athletic Training Education Series, is an indispensable reference for athletic trainers and other health professionals who spend much of their time caring for injuries related to physical activity and must have a solid background in recognition and examination to do so effectively. Significantly expanded, the new edition now contains 23 chapters, ten more than the first edition, that provide a broad and firm understanding of general examination principles and techniques, recognition and examination of injuries and conditions specific to each body region, and general medical conditions that you will likely encounter in the physically active.Examination of Musculoskeletal Injuries, Second Edition, is divided into three well-organized parts. The first part reviews in detail the general principles and foundational skills for each component of the injury examination. In addition, it includes new content related to general evaluation techniques for goniometric measurement, manual muscle testing, upper and lower quarter screens, posture, and gait.The second part considers examination strategies for the various regions of the body, including each major joint (e.g. elbow, knee, etc); cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spines; head and face; and abdomen and thorax. Each chapter is devoted to a specific body region and is broken down into four segments: functional anatomy and biomechanics; injuries specific to that body region; objective tests including structures for palpation, range of motion testing, strength testing, and special tests; and assessment strategies focusing on acute versus chronic injuries.In the third part, three chapters address general medical conditions that allied health professionals are likely to see in physically active clients and patients. The topics are discussed according to the body systems presented in Athletic Training Educational Competencies (National Athletic Trainers' Association, 1999). Because examinations of these conditions usually are the physician's responsibility and require diagnostic tests to identify, the text prepares readers to make appropriate referrals based on a patient's history and their own observations. The new edition includes many additional features for students, professionals, and instructors: -More than 150 illustrations, 500 photographs, and 110 tables that enable the reader to correctly comprehend the material -A student Web site that includes printable checklists for every phase of injury examination, along with superb full-color photographs of skin ailments that will enhance the reader's ability to correctly identify the disorder-Pedagogical aids that will assist in learning and retention of crucial material, including chapter objectives and summaries; "warning boxes" and "reminder boxes" highlighting techniques and knowledge crucial to avoiding further injury, permanent disability, or even death; key terms; review and critical thinking questions; a glossary; and references and bibliographical material-An instructor guide and test bank with case studies, course projects, chapter worksheets, sample test questions, and a sample course syllabus to help teachers prepare lectures and exams and organize courses and-A presentation package, heavily weighted toward photographs of objective tests and easily adapted to each instructor's lecture content and style. Human Kinetics' Athletic Training Education Series contains five outstanding textbooks, each with its own superb supporting instructional resources. Featuring the work of respected athletic training authorities, the series was created to parallel and expound on the content areas established by the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) Education Council. Examination of Musculoskeletal Injuries, Second Edition, addresses the content areas of Pathology of Injury and Illness; Assessment and Evaluation; and General Medical Conditions and Disabilities. To learn more about the books in this series, visit the Athletic Training Education Series Web site at www.HumanKinetics.com/AthleticTrainingEducationSeries

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