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20,000+ HSC exam practice questions inspired by past papers and curated by HSC markers


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Our questions are aligned with the 2023 Australian curriculum and use up-to-date resources.


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Content is rigorously reviewed and approved by HSC selective school markers and leading Australian tutors.


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We've got you covered with a comprehensive selection of practice questions spanning all key official HSC subjects.


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Our Exam Prep feature offers real-time feedback and detailed explanations to help you elevate your performance.


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Earning a 99.75 ATAR in my HSC provided me with the insight to immediately understand the significance of Zookal's new tool. I was enthusiastic about taking part in the content curation process to ensure it was highly relevant and beneficial for students.I wish I had this available when I was studying for my HSC!

Omar A. graduated in 2020 with 🌟 99.75 ATAR.

Currently, Omar is studying Medicine at the University of Sydney.

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At Zookal, we understand the significance of your HSC exams. That's why we've developed state-of-the-art exam preparation content that is meticulously tailored to the Australian HSC curriculum.

How it works

Unmatched relevancy for Year 12 Success


AI-Powered Precision

Drawing from HSC markers, the 2023 syllabus and past papers, our AI crafts precise, relevant exam-like questions.


Replicating Real Exams

We rigorously vet content to match HSC exam style and complexity. Practise with confidence like a pro.


Dynamic Exam Questions

Our AI doesn't just resemble the real exam; it generates 1000s of dynamic questions similar to the originals.


Graphs, Images, and Diagrams

Our AI includes graphs, images, and diagrams, mimicking HSC exams. Practise with unparalleled realism.