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Experiencing MIS + MyMISLab

Experiencing MIS + MyMISLab

ISBN 9781486093595
Edition 2nd edition
Publication Date
Publisher Pearson Education New Zealand
What kind of experience will your students have with MIS? Will they be helpless users who say, I just dont know anything about computers, and I dont want to? Or will they be managers who say I know theres a way to use information systems to get a competitive edge for my business? Will they find innovative applications of information technology in the marketplace to raise their own profile or that of their company? Or will they be business professionals who just dont get it?By presenting a running case narrative throughout, this book will show your students how businesses use - and need - information systems to accomplish their goals and objectives and develop their competitive strategy. Experiencing MIS 2e is designed to help your students experience MIS right now, at university, where they can exercise their enquiring minds and build their skills in unlocking the potential of information systems for business.The text has been designed to be approachable, easy-to-use, sometimes humorous, with an upbeat and in-your-face attitude, but always with the goal of underlining the importance of MIS to all business people in the 21st Century.Experiencing MIS offers basic topic coverage of MIS in its 12 chapters and more in-depth, expanded coverage in its 13 chapter extensions. This modular organisation allows you to pick and choose among those topics to tailor-fit your course. The Australian adaptation brings your students experience of MIS closer to home with new local examples, case studies and trends.myMISlab is an optional web-based tutorial and assessment tool that integrates business applications with myITlab, a complete Microsoft Office training and assessment simulator.

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