Exploring the Labyrinth: Making Sense of the New Spirituality

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Exploring the Labyrinth: Making Sense of the New Spirituality 9781864486445

ISBN : 9781864486445
Publisher : Allen & Unwin
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Overview The key message now is that we should all seek to be visionaries ourselves, to explore every way possible of expanding our spiritual horizons...Many people are intrigued by the diverse spiritual undercurrents in contemporary society while not fully appreciating their significance. An increasing number of people are now pursuing Eastern spiritual paths - meditation, Tai Chi, Kundalini yoga - or Western metaphysical approaches like the Tarot, the Kabbalah, gnosticism or neopaganism. Others have turned to classical mythology or ancient native traditions like shamanism for their spiritual perspectives. And amidst all this diversity there is a seemingly endless profusion of workshops on creativity, motivation, spiritual awareness and transcendence...So, how did it all begin and where is it heading? This book explores the origins and directions of the personal growth movement, with a special focus on its holistic and spiritual undercurrents. Written accessibly while drawing on extensive research, Exploring the Labyrinth explains why this contemporary movement may herald a new approach to spirituality altogether - one which is universal and

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