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Family Provision in Australia

Course Codes : LAWS3393

Family Provision in Australia

ISBN 9780409327465
Edition 4 ed
Publisher Butterworths
Publication Date
t is difficult to imagine a body of law more sensitive to changes in our society than the law of family provision. This edition of Family Provision in Australia has been completely updated. It includes new sections on public policy, pre-nuptial agreements, mediation in New South Wales and Queensland, applicants with a criminal record and the calculation of lump sums. The sections on factors warranting in New South Wales, costs in a failed application, the effect of estrangement on orders, and orders after a distribution, have been heavily revised. De Groot and Nickell's text has long been regarded as the keystone text in this area of law. It contains a comprehensive analysis of the general principles involved in family provision claims, analysis of cases so as to give a guide to probable orders, as well as useful case tables summarising judicial decisions. Family Provision in Australia is an essential text for anyone practising in this area of law.

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