Feminist Knowledge: Critique and Construct

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Feminist Knowledge: Critique and Construct 9780415012270

ISBN : 9780415012270
Publisher : Routledge
Author(s) :
Overview The 1980s have seen many new developments in the field of feminist theory. The original essays in this collection engage with many of the most recent feminist theories and discourses. They take into account the interventions made by feminist theory in post-structuralism and postmodernism. They also consider a wide range of writings which have helped shape feminist theory. Together, they argue for an approach to knowledge which is both a critique of existing forms of knowledge and a construction of new feminist positions which necessarily borrow from these dominant theories. "Feminist Knowledge - Critique and Construct" situates feminist theory in relation to psychoanalysis, deconstruction, and discourse theory, and looks at the consequences of developments in biology and the new feminist spirituality. There are many kinds of feminism, and one of the most exciting current developments is a recognition of the differences to be found among women. Both radical and socialist feminist positions are represented, and the theoretical and political strengths of such differences highlighted. Recent debates around cultural and racial differences amongst women are analyzed and the growth of women's studies as an institution examined.

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