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"Financial Times" Mastering Marketing: Your Single Source Guide to Becoming a Master of Marketing

"Financial Times" Mastering Marketing: Your Single Source Guide to Becoming a Master of Marketing

ISBN 9780273642220
Publication Date
Publisher Financial Times Prentice Hall
Keep your marketing moving as fast as your marketplace. Changing markets mean industry boundaries are blurring, new competitors offer new threats, and customers' demands differ widely. Is your marketing strategy keeping up with these changes? Mastering Marketing focuses on the many challenges for marketers in the 21st century. It shows you how to take advantage of new technology-driven marketing channels; how to predict and influence customer needs; and how to ensure the marketing message is understood and communicated throughout your company, and not just within advertizing and sales. Mastering Marketing features new ideas - based on cutting edge research material developed into accessible articles - as advocated by four of the worlds top business schools. Here is your single-source guide to becoming a master of marketing. Featuring the brightest business minds from leading international business schools, including: Philip Kotler on where do we go from here?; Sean Meehan on customer value; Jerry Wind on strategic thinking in the global era; Tim Ambler on measuring marketing; Leonard Lodish on advertizing and sales; Philip Parker on how to prioritize markets; Lakshman Krishnamurthi on pricing; David Soberman on information management; Scott Armstrong on forecasting; James Anderson on escaping the commodity trap; George S. Day on building relationships; Abba Krieger on market segmentation; Alice Tybout on connecting with consumers ...What's inside: "I continue to believe that marketing, correctly interpreted and practiced, is the key to company adaptability and profitability." Philip Kotler, p 5 "...according to research other departments regard marketing as only half as good as themselves in terms of strategic thinking, creative problem solving and doing things well." Tim Ambler, p 27 "Many researchers would be willing to improve forecasts in a company for no fixed fee - just a small percentage of the savings would provide an excellent living." J. Scott Armstrong, p 54 "Marketing has always been the art of magically combining knowledge about customers and competitors with corporate capabilities to generate profit."David Soberman, p 247 "In the end, our business model will no longer be based on transactions but on relationships." Jerry Wind, p 326

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