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Flat-Panel Display Materials - 1998

Flat-Panel Display Materials - 1998

ISBN 9781558994140
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Flat-panel displays are found in a variety of military, industrial and consumer applications ranging from laptop computers to automobile and cockpit read-out devices. While active matrix, liquid-crystal displays have revolutionized portable high-resolution graphic and information processing systems, other large-area and miniature flat-panel display systems based on field emission, organic and inorganic electroluminescence, plasma charges and reflective liquid crystals are becoming more economically viable. However, improved cost and performance of flat-panel displays will only be achieved through advances in materials and processing technologies. Novel approaches to large-area processing, including materials that can be directly printed or patterned in 'additive' methods, will lead to significant cost reductions in large-area electronics fabrication. This book focuses on the materials and processes for all types of flat-panel displays including miniature and large-area active matrix, liquid-crystal displays, electroluminescent displays, plasma displays, field-emission displays, micromechanical displays, and more. Topics include: amorphous and polysilicon TFT materials; field emission cathodes and displays; phosphor materials and conductors.

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