Foundation Flash 5

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Foundation Flash 5

ISBN : 9781903450314
Publisher : friends of ED Ltd
Author(s) :
Overview Foundation Flash 5 gives you all the skills you'll need to get started in version 5of Flash. It takes you from your first drawing and animation project in Chapter 1, through to a strong foundation for exploring the sophisticated ActionScripting capabilities now built into Flash 5. It is a thorough and practical tutorial-based book, wherein each chapter helps to build upon a case study projectreinforcing what you've learned in that section and how it can be appliedto real design projects. By the end of the book, you'll have built a working, Flash-rich website, and you'll have the skills to develop and modify your own Flash 5 effects. Professional-level design with Flash has taken a quantum step up with Flash 5. Foundation Flash 5 provides you with all the climbing gear you'll need for the steeper learning curve. You'll break a sweat. But when you get there, the view from the top is really worth the effort! This book guides you through the fundamentals of the Flash 5 interface. It shows you how to create, manipulate and arrange your movie content, and then, how to publish your movie. Along the way, it covers the basics of ActionScripting, and then, in Part 3, moves onto more sophisticated ActionScripting and the principles of good site design. What you'll learnWho this book is for Foundation Flash 5 assumes no prior knowledge of Flash or web animation. It is not, however, a "make-it-simple" and "leave-out-the-hard-bits" type of computer book. It is for serious aspiring web designers who want to expand their skill sets and learn the latest software design tools in depth. The Foundation series does not talk down; it addresses the urgent fact that the techniques underlying the best web design are becoming ever more sophisticated, and recognizes that you need a solid foundation upon which to build your knowledge. "


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