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Foundation Maths + MyLab Math with eText

Course Codes : MAT10001

Foundation Maths + MyLab Math with eText

ISBN 9781292095257
Edition 6
Publication Date
Publisher Ubd

This package includes a physical copy of Foundation Maths, 6th edition by Croft and Davison as well as access to the eText and MyLab Math.

Your instructor will need to provide you with a course ID in order for you to access the eText and MyLab Math.

Foundation Maths 6th edition has been written for students taking higher and further education courses who have not specialised in mathematics on post-16 qualifications and need to use mathematical tools in their courses. It is ideally suited to those studying marketing, business studies, management, science, engineering, social science, geography, combined studies and design. It will be useful for those who lack confidence and who need careful, steady guidance in mathematical methods.

For those whose mathematical expertise is already established, the book will be a helpful revision and reference guide. The style of the book also makes it suitable for self-study and distance learning. MyLab Math is designed to improve results by helping students to quickly master concepts.

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