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Framing Technology: Society, Choice and Change

Framing Technology: Society, Choice and Change

ISBN 9781863735254
Publication Date
Publisher Allen & Unwin
'I'm sure there are lots of people who think machines descend from the sky ready-made, keen to plug themselves in and take over. Others assume technology evolves, like Darwin's creatures, through a force of its own. These distinguished writers present ideas on where our technological world really comes from and what a difference it makes to people.' - Robyn Williams, Science Unit, ABC Radio Framing Technology Does cybersex have side effects? Is technology a masculine culture? Who lords it over the global village? Technology is the bedrock of our information society, but public debates on technology tend to be conducted by experts and to concentrate on the microchip and employment. Framing Technology reframes the discussion. It argues that technology ranges from language to a transnational corporation, and that we should all share in technology choice. Framing Technology uses an interdisciplinary approach to explore some of the key issues in technology today, including virtual reality, gender, health, the environment, regulation, the information society, surveillance and globalisation. The contributors include some of the best thinkers on technology in Australia: Judy Wajcman, Albert Moran, Susan Oliver, Trevor Barr, Julianne Schultz and Dick Bryan.

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