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Fundamental Managerial Accounting Concepts

Fundamental Managerial Accounting Concepts

ISBN 9781259569197
Edition 8
Publication Date
Publisher Mcgraw Hill
Chapter 1 Management Accounting and Corporate Governance Chapter 2 Cost Behavior, Operating Leverage, and Profitability Analysis Chapter 3 Analysis of Cost, Volume, and Pricing to Increase Profitability Chapter 4 Cost Accumulation, Tracing, and Allocation Chapter 5 Cost Management in an automated Business Environment: ABC, ABM and TQM Chapter 6 Relevant Information for Special Decisions Chapter 7 Planning for Profit and Cost Control Chapter 8 Performance Evaluation Chapter 9 Responsibility Accounting Chapter 10 Planning for Capital Investments Chapter 11 Product Costing in Service and Manufacturing Entities Chapter 12 Job-Order, Process, and Hybrid Costing Systems Chapter 13 Financial Statement Analysis Chapter 14 Statement of Cash Flows Appendix Glossary Photo Credits Index

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