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Fundamentals of Children's Services

Fundamentals of Children's Services

ISBN 9780838909072
Publisher ALA Editions
This product has been discontinued.
ALA Fundamentals Series (Angela, same header treatment as Library Supervision title of Winter 05 catalog.) With more than one-third of library users under the age of 12, it may be said that children's services drive public libraries. Still, many administrators don't fully appreciate how integral these services are to their institutions. Sullivan conducts a friendly tour in this comprehensive reference, covering both innovative and standard practices in children's services. From the collection and programming, to homework support, reference and reader's advisory, to promoting and budgeting, children's services parallel other library services and are no less important. Part of ""ALA's Fundamentals Series"", this overview provides hands-on, proven strategies for those on the front lines, while addressing questions critical to the long-term success of children's library services: Why are children's services so important? How do they fit into the library overall? What do children's librarians do all day? Why should children's librarians focus on administrative matters? What are the hot issues and cutting edge trends? Those who want to become children's librarians, experienced and new children's librarians, library administrators and trustees alike will find this new 'bible' of children's services sets the record straight: Children's services are the heart of the library.

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