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Fundamentals of Structural Analysis

Fundamentals of Structural Analysis

ISBN 9780073398006
Edition 5
Publication Date
Publisher Mc GrawHill

1) Introduction

2) Design Loads

3) Statics of Structures—Reactions

4) Trusses

5) Beams and Frames

6) Cables

7) Arches

8) Live Load Forces: Influence Lines for Determinate Structures

9) Deflections of Beams and Frames

10) Work-Energy Methods for Computing Deflections

11) Analysis of Indeterminate Structures by the Flexibility Method

12) Analysis of Indeterminate Beams and Frames by the Slope-Deflection Method

13) Moment Distribution

14) Indeterminate Structures: Influence Lines

15) Approximate Analysis of Indeterminate Structures

16) Introduction to the General Stiffness Method

17) Matrix Analysis of Trusses by the Direct Stiffness Method

18) Matrix Analysis of Beams and Frames by the Direct Stiffness Method


Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems

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