Fundamentals of Weather and Climate

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Fundamentals of Weather and Climate 9780748740796

ISBN : 9780748740796
Publisher : Taylor & Francis Ltd
Author(s) :
Edition : 2 Rev ed
Overview Introducing the behaviour of the lower atmosphere and outlining the mechanisms involved, this work aims to fill a gap between texts which describe meteorological behaviour with no account of the mechanisms, and others which tackle the theoretical framework but assume the reader is already familiar with atmospheric behaviour. First published as "Basic Meteorology: a Physical Outline", the book has new or expanded sections on chaos, the "ozone hole" at high latitudes, man-made carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect, acid rain, the long-term evolution of the atmosphere, and human society and climate change. There is a separate treatment of the climates of low and mid latitudes, while the chapters on radiation and global climate have been amalgamated. Many new photographs, maps and drawings have been added, increasing the international range of examples cited, and the technical appendices include a simplified treatment of the Coriolis effect and coverage of geopotential height and precipitable water.

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