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Gender In Third World Politics, Sc

Gender In Third World Politics, Sc

ISBN 9780335157709
Publication Date
Publisher Open University Press
This book puts forward a gendered analysis of third world politics. It uses a wide definition of the political to examine both 'high politics' and political activity at the grassroots, focussing particularly on women's organizations. It also examines the impact of policy and politics on gender relations and on different groups of women. After a general discussion of the major theoretical questions involved in the study of gender in third world politics, and the nature of the third world and development, the analysis is developed through the indepth study of different political formations. These are colonialism, revolution, authoritarianism, and democracy and democratization and uses examples from much of the third world. Gender in Third World Politics * is the only book to provide comprehensive coverage of gender in third world politics * provides a gendered analysis of both 'high politics' and different women's political activity at the grassroots * weaves together material from a wide range of disciplines such as politics, sociology, history, development studies and women's studies

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