Gene Regulation: A Eukaryotic Perspective

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Gene Regulation: A Eukaryotic Perspective 9780748739776

ISBN : 9780748739776
Publisher : Hodder Wayland
Author(s) :
Edition : New ed of 3 Revised ed
Overview This is the third edition of a work which focuses on how cellular genes are regulated in eukaryotes. It incorporates advances which have occurred since the second edition was published in 1995, and also discusses several new topics in detail, to reflect their increasing importance. These include regulation of RNA transport, the SWI-SNF complex, the effect of specific transcription factors on histone acetylation, as well as the role of co-repressors/co-activators and the mediator complex by which the inhibitory or activating effects of transcription factors are often mediated. The most significant change in this edition, however, is the addition of a chapter describing the basic processes by which DNA is converted into RNA and then into protein.


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