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Geographies of Globalization

Course Codes : GEOG 1101

Geographies of Globalization

ISBN 9780415567626
Edition 2
Publication Date
Publisher Taylor & Francis

Geographies of Globalization 2nd edition offers an animated and fully-updated exposition of the geographical impacts of globalization and the contribution of human geography to studies and debates in this area. Energetic and engaging, this book:

• Illustrates how the core principles of human geography – such as space and scale – lead to a better understanding of the phenomenon

• Debates the historical evolution of globalized society

• Analyses the interconnected economic, political and cultural geographies of globalization

• Examines the impact of global transformations ‘on the ground’ using examples from six continents

• Discusses the three global crises currently facing the world – inequality, the environment and unstable capitalism most recently manifested in the Great Recession

• Articulates a human geographical framework for progressive globalization and approaching solutions to the problems we face

Boxed sections highlight key concepts and innovative work by geographers as well as topical and lively debates concerning current global trends. The book is also generously illustrated with a wide range of Figures, photographs, and maps.

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