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Getting it RIGHT for Young Children from Diverse Backgrounds: Applying Research to Improve Practice with a Focus on Dual Language Learners

Getting it RIGHT for Young Children from Diverse Backgrounds: Applying Research to Improve Practice with a Focus on Dual Language Learners

ISBN 9780133017854
Edition 2
Publication Date
Publisher P&C Education

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Early childhood practitioners and pre-service teachers get the tools, resources, and guidance they need to ensure quality education for young children who are learning English and/or who are experiencing poverty.


This authoritative book focuses on providing successful education for all children, especially those from non-traditional backgrounds, non-English speaking families, and those faced with the challenges of poverty. In it, current and future teachers, practitioners, trainers, and professional educators get an authoritative perspective on best practices that combines professional experience with available scientific evidence. The information is grounded in real-life experiences, and is guided by current rigorous research findings.


The new Second Edition looks at the advances in the scientific understanding of dual language development since the First Edition was published, and the new research on program models and classroom practices that improve the educational outcomes for children from diverse backgrounds. Substantially reorganized and streamlined to focus on the most relevant issues, the book includes updated research throughout and includes a new chapter dedicated to instructional strategies and classroom practices with video links, illustrations, sample lessons, and practical examples. Teachers, curriculum supervisors, and professional development specialists get concrete guidance about how to apply the latest research findings to improved classroom practices.


Designed to ensure the ultimate teaching and learning experience, this book presents:

A one-of-its kind focus on focus on the successful education of children from linguistically diverse backgrounds and those who are growing up in poverty. Scientific findings combined with practical applications to make the concepts relevant to educators in the classroom. Sound pedagogical aids that ensure learning and reinforcement of the best practices for working with dual language learners (DLLs). A focus on unmet needs of teachers of young children—a truly unique resource.

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