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Global Management: Strategic and Interpersonal

Global Management: Strategic and Interpersonal

ISBN 9780130619648
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher Prentice Hall
For executive training and graduate courses, and for undergraduate courses in Global Management, International Management or Business, and Cross-Cultural Management where the professor wishes to use his or her own pedagogical supplements. This text addresses the actual management functions and behaviors necessary to develop global vision and management skills at both an organizational - strategic (macro) level, and the interpersonal (micro) level. This text places the executive or student in the role of a manager of any nationality, encouraging the student to take a truly global perspective in dealing with dynamic management issues in both foreign and diverse host environments. Throughout, the text emphasizes how the variable of culture interacts with other national and international factors to affect managerial processes and behaviors. In addition, the growing competitive influence of technology is emphasized, with boxes featuring the use of e-business for global competitive strategic positioning.* Chapter opening profiles - Give practical and current illustrations of the chapter topics, such as 'Nokias China Strategy,' and 'The Daimler-Chrysler AG Global Alliance Backfires.' * Comparative Management in Focus sections - In-depth comparative application of chapter topics in specific countries, such as 'Strategic Planning for the EU Market,' 'Motivation in Mexico,' 'Communicating with Arabs,' 'Negotiating with the Chinese.' * E-Biz Boxes - The application of IT, specifically B2B, around the world, such as 'Siemens AG Launches Global E-Company,' 'Covisint, LLC,' and 'FedEx E-Commerce Solutions in Asia.'

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