Global Marketing Management: an Australian Perspective

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Global Marketing Management: an Australian Perspective 9780470805589

ISBN : 9780470805589
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Inc
Author(s) :
Overview "International Marketing - An Asia Pacific Focus" is a significant overhaul of the original Kotabe and Helsen "Global Marketing Management" text. The intended audience of this Asia Pacific adaptation is undergraduate students studying International Marketing in Australia and New Zealand. The text aims to prepare the student to become an effective international marketing manager, overseeing international marketing activities in an increasingly competitive environment. A strong theoretical and conceptual foundation of international and global marketing perspectives is provided through the use of 'real world' examples of small to medium sized enterprises (SME's) and multinational corporations (MNC's) operating in the Asia Pacific region. International marketing is presented from an interdisciplinary, cross- functional perspective, giving students an appreciation of all aspects of international business operations and how they interface with marketing. A key underlying theme of the text is that while it may not be possible for all firms in the Asia Pacific region to market their products and services on a truly global scale, all firms that operate in any international market place need to understand and be aware of competition from both local SME's and MNC's that are increasingly attempting to operate globally. FEATURES *16 chapters chosen and sequenced to reflect the topics traditionally taught in a typical undergraduate 12 or 13 week International Marketing course.* Specific chapters on both International Consumers and Segmentation and Positioning* Australasian and Asia-Pacific data, research and examples are used along side relevant international examples.Each chapter opens with an Asia Pacific scene setter, providing a "real world" examining of the chapter topic.Key Terms and Margin Definitions. * Applied Activity at the end of each chapter requires the student to explain, debate and consider information provided in one of the real world examples from the chapter.* International Spotlight boxes in each chapter, highlight significant examples from the international marketing environment and relate them back to the theory being discussed.* Large End of Book Cases are designed to challenge students with real and current business problems and issues. They require in-depth analysis and discussion of various topics covered in the chapters, and help students experience how the knowledge they have gained can be applied in real life situations.* Review questions help students test themselves on the chapter concepts and theories.* Discussion questions are designed to serve as mini-cases. Many of the issues presented in these questions are current problems facing international marketing managers that encourage class discussion and further research.

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