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Governing America

Governing America

ISBN 9780199250493
Publication Date
Publisher Oxford University Press
Governing America covers the foundations of modern American politics, the structure of American governing institutions, domestic and foreign public policies and a series of contemporary controversies. An innovative edited textbook, designed for first-time students of American politics, this volume offers an accessible and comprehensive examination of American politics both before and after September 11. • Covers the US political system as well as topical issues that will interest students, such as capital punishment, gun control, abortion, and gay rights • Covers all the elements of a US politics course in an accessible and thorough way • Tightly edited by international experts, producing an integrated and fully coherent volume • Innovative learning aids throughout, including 'Definition' boxes, 'Constitutional Influences' boxes, 'Core Academic Debates' boxes, 'Is America Different?' boxes, a guide to further reading, and web links • Incorporates the impact of September 11 on all areas of US domestic and foreign policy, as well as including an excellent summary chapter, putting September 11 into context Contents: Robert Singh: Introduction Part I Historical and Theoretical Context 1 Michael Cox: America and the World Part II Institutions and Intermediary Organizations 3 Richard Hodder-Williams: The US Constitution 4 John G. Francis: Federalism 5 Robert Mason: Political Parties and the Party System 6 Candice Nelson: Elections 7 Pete Lentini: Mass Media 8 Richard Hodder-Williams: Federal Judiciary 9 John Hart: The Presidency 10 John E. Owens: Congress 11 Mark Carl Rom: Federal Bureaucracy 12 Burdett Loomis: Interest Groups Part III Public Policy 13 Nigel Bowles: Economic Policy 14 John Dumbrell: Foreign Policy 15 Stephen Burman: Foreign Economic Policy 16 Elizabeth Bomberg: Environmental Policy 17 Fiona Ross: Social Policy Part IV Issues and Controversies 18 Martin Durham: Abortion 19 Robert Singh: Gun Control 20 Robert Singh: Capital Punishment 21 Vivien Hart: Gender 22 Steve Bruce: Religion 23 Don Haider-Markel: Gay Rights 24 Eric Kaufmann: Race and Multiculturalism 25 Michael Cox: American Power before and after September 11 Index

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