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Grammar for Lawyers

Grammar for Lawyers

ISBN 9780409323146
Edition 2ED
Publication Date
Publisher Butterworths
"Michael Meehan & Graham Tulloch have come up with an innovative approach - a traditional grammar especially for lawyers...15 pages of bedtime reading for a week. A great nightcap." Law Institute Journal (Victoria) November 2001 This book is a brief guide to the correct use of grammar in legal writing, and a primer in the use of precise grammatical and syntactical analysis in legal interpretation. It is written in the context of judicial comment and analysis from a wide range of common law jurisdictions. While it is true there is no such thing as 'legal grammar', concise, correct and unambiguous writing is more important in the legal profession than any other. The ability to analyse and discuss language with precision, when guided by the broader principles of statutory interpretation, remains an important legal skill. This book aims to provide a first port of call for those seeking to acquire or upgrade knowledge in this area. Grammar for Lawyers offers an extended grammar lesson of a new kind, firmly located in the context of local and recent judicial writing. - Table of Contents: * THE DEFENCE OF GRAMMAR: Kinds of grammar; The uses of grammar * GRAMMAR IN PRACTICE: Parts of a word; Parts of speech; Parts of a sentence * EFFECTIVE LEGAL WRITING: General principles; Addressing your reader; Finding the conceptual structure; Effective style; English grammar and effective legal writing; Hard cases, common problems; Terms easily confused; Common grammar problems; Punctuation

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