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Groups: A Counseling Specialty

Groups: A Counseling Specialty

ISBN 9780133905205
Edition 7
Publication Date
Publisher Pearson

For courses in Group Counseling


Current, comprehensive, and clearly written, this book gives readers what they need to know about group therapy, group counseling, and work groups.


Groups: A Counseling Specialty is a comprehensive look at groups, covering the history of group work, the dynamics of groups, leadership in groups, ethical issues in groups, multicultural aspects of groups, stages of group development, groups across the life span, and the theoretical basis for working with groups. The coverage is current, the style is clear and interesting, and the book challenges students to reflect on what they have learned, as well as on their own experiences in groups. The new edition includes over 120 new references; chapter overviews; brief introductory stories; a new appendix on self-help group organizations; and new material and updates throughout, including additions that focus on social justice, creativity (particularly the work of Keith Sawyer), different specialty groups throughout the lifespan, technology and group work, brief groups, and groups for older adults.


From Reviews of the Book:


“The material is exactly right for my students, as most of it is new to them. . . .  Gladding does an excellent job of systematically addressing and clearly describing key group counseling concepts. This is one of the best texts for beginning group counsellors. . . .  I’ve used this text for years and our students continually do very well on the NCE group questions. So, this text covers the material they are tested on later through NBCC.”

                —Joel F. Diambra, University of Tennessee


“A key strength of this book is thoroughness. The author covers a lot of important content information. Each concept is clearly explained to the reader. Additionally, the information is well supported by research and previous literature. The text is well-organized as a whole and within chapters. It is easy to refer back and find information. The tables and figures are extremely helpful in organizing the information and presenting it in a clear manner. I believe the topics fit perfectly for an introductory group class and provide students with a solid foundation.  I appreciate the coverage of groups with various developmental levels. Additionally, I appreciate the chapter on creative interventions in group. . . . [T]he book includes content that will certainly meet the CACREP standards.”


                — Jonathan Ohrt, University of North Texas


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