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Handbook of Special and Remedial Education: Research and Practice

Handbook of Special and Remedial Education: Research and Practice

ISBN 9780080425665
Edition 2 ed
Publisher Pergamon Press
The "Handbook of Special and Remedial Education: Research and Practice" is an update of the four-volume "Handbook" series, which provided a comprehensive summary of the well-confirmed knowledge in the field of special education available through the mid-1980s. The need for an updated second edition grew out of the extensive activity in research, policy developments and related changes in practices over the past decade. The new single volume gives first priority to a review of the knowledge base, as derived from recent research and practices in schools and related agencies. It notes discrepancies between the state of the art and the state of practice. These disparities are further linked to brief discussions of policy issues and needed research, revisions in training programmes, and organizational arrangements in the field. This edition is segmented into three major sections. The six chapters within "Learning Rates: Issues of Concern and Prospects for Improvement" range from a discussion of early education for disabled children and those at risk, to educational resilience. The six chapters under "Distinct Disabilities" cover such topics as visual, hearing and language impairments. Finally, the four chapters in "Associated Conditions and Resources" discuss funding, parents and advocacy systems, staff preparation and emerging school/community linkages.

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