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Handbook of Theories of Aging

Handbook of Theories of Aging

ISBN 9780826162519
Edition Second Edition
Publication Date
Publisher Springer Publishing Co Inc
The purpose of this Handbook is to advance the development and applications of theories of aging. It is a guide to those who wish to build on their knowledge of aging theory in order to better understand their findings about processes of aging. A useful resource for both students and professionals, this book represents the current status of theoretical development in the study of aging.The chapters in this volume are commissioned from scholars whose research in aging has achieved international recognition, and who are concerned with the advancement of cross-disciplinary theorizing in the field. The chapters include: Dynamic Integration Theory: Emotion, Cognition, and Equilibrium in Later Life; Cognitive Control Theory of Aging and Emotional Well-Being; Theorizing Feminist Gerontology, Sexuality and Beyond; and, From Industrialism to Institutionalism: Theoretical Accounts of Aging.

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