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Health Economics for Developing Countries: A Practical Guide

Health Economics for Developing Countries: A Practical Guide

ISBN 9789460221316
Publisher Kit Publishers
This book is an introduction to health economics and finance for lower income countries, which is easy to use and read and does not assume previous training in economics. It explains health economics in an accessible applied way using material from, and relevant to, developing countries. The focus is on practical use. Core areas are selected for health economists to study in detail, with brief discussions and suggestions for further reading of linked topics more commonly studied under other related disciplines, such as public health and health management. Each chapter introduces a topic then, by the use of question and answer sessions between a group of (humorously named) characters in a fictional country, the relevant material is covered in a lively way. The chapter ends with a summary, practice experiences for the reader and a list of references and suggestions for further reading. There is a glossary of health economic terms to help the reader. The authors are experienced teachers and consultants in economic health economics, based at the Centre for Health Economics at the University of York. All four teach short courses on health economics for students from developing countries.

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