Heating Up: Social Dimensions of Climate Change Policy in Australia

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Heating Up: Social Dimensions of Climate Change Policy in Australia 9781921867446

ISBN : 9781921867446
Publisher : Monash University Publishing
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Overview This book seeks to re-order the importance of the three traditional 'bottom lines': economics, social and environmental outcomes. It argues that the health of the environment is fundamental to the wellbeing of people and that economics should be viewed as a sub-topic of social rather than its current dominance in policy. The primary challenge of responding to the present crisis of climate change and environmental damage has moved from the pure sciences to the domain of the social sciences. Transformational change across societal structures is needed within a short time frame. Yet in Australia, political leadership and good policy, aided by a responsible media, and a responsive research community and government bureaucracy, is deficient, these groups struggling at times to provide effective responses. There is an impasse about what processes and actions are needed for change. Heating Up outlines social policy frameworks and sector responsibilities for action, particularly for those who are now, and will increasingly in the future, experience the greatest hardships associated with environmental destruction. Indeed, it is contended that equity in outcomes is crucial to any successful response to both climate change and environmental destruction.

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