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High School Transition That Works: Lessons Learned from Project SEARCH

High School Transition That Works: Lessons Learned from Project SEARCH

ISBN 9781598572490
Publisher Brookes Publishing Co
Publication Date
What lessons can your program learn from the highly successful Project SEARCH(r) model and how can you apply these strategies to improve training and employment opportunities for students with disabilities? Find out in this accessible guidebook, your key to using principles of one of today's most effective transition models to help young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities get, keep, and succeed at a fulfilling job of their choice. For more than 15 years, thousands of young adults have benefited from Project SEARCH: the business-led internship program that prepares students with disabilities for competitive, integrated employment. This is the only book that distills the program's secrets to success, giving counselors, educators, transition coordinators, and other professionals practical guidance straight from the founders of Project SEARCH. You'll discover a fresh approach to teaching competitive, marketable, transferable skills in real work settings promoting effective collaboration among businesses, transition teams, and young people and families breaking down obstacles to meaningful employment for people with disabilities help students master the subtleties of appropriate workplace conduct, a major key to job retention support parents in preparing their child for success in transition programs and employment develop customized follow-along services so the student can retain employment and advance further avoid gaps in service as young people transition out of school Filled with invaluable tips and strategies, case studies, and practical materials to help you apply principles of the Project SEARCH model, this book will inspire higher expectations for young people with disabilities and vibrant new ideas about systems change. A must for all transition teams as they work to advance competitive employment and richer lives for all people with intellectual disabilities. With practical materials such as: Student Selection Rubric Guide Social skills activities Lesson Plan for Choosing Internships Task breakdowns from sample Project SEARCH sites Internship Evaluation Agreement of Roles and Responsibilities document HIPAA training presentation *To ensure model fidelity and quality, Project SEARCH(r) requires that you secure individualized technical assistance and a licensing agreement to establish an official program site. Learn more at http: //projectsearch.us. "

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