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High Speed Networks and Internets: Performance and Quality of Service

High Speed Networks and Internets: Performance and Quality of Service

ISBN 9780130322210
Edition 2nd Revised United States ed
Publication Date
Publisher Prentice-Hall
For courses in network protocols, high speed networks or advanced networking courses focusing on network protocols or high speed networks found in departments of Computer Science, Engineering, IT, and Continuing Education. High-speed networks dominate both the local area network (LAN) and wide-area network (WAN) markets because of the increased use of multimedia applications and the World Wide Web, and other high-volume needs of users. This book provides a comprehensive, integrated and up-to-date survey of the key issues of high speed TCP/IP networks, the technology that dominates the field of high-speed networking. The author discuses a wide range of design issues related to high-speed networks, including congestion control, provision of different levels of quality of service (QoS), resource reservation, unicast and multicast routing, and multimedia compression. The central theme of the book is the need to carry large volumes of traffic with different QoS requirements over networks operating at very high data rates. Visit Stallings Companion Website at http://www.williamstallings.com/HsNet2e.html for student and instructor resources and his Computer Science Student Resource site http://williamstallings. com/StudentSupport.html Password protected instructor resources can be accessed here by clicking on the Resources Tab to view downloadable files. (Registration required) Supplements Include: Solutions Manual, Figures, Tables, Images, and other miscellaneous documents.

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