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How Airbrushes Work

How Airbrushes Work

ISBN 9781929133710
Publication Date
Publisher Wolfgang Publications
"How Airbrushes Work" is a comprehensive look at airbrush use, maintenance and repair. The book begins with a brief look at airbrush history, then moves to a discussion of the various types of airbrush, gravity or siphon feed, and the advantages of each style. Each airbrush is equipped with a range of adjustments and Steve explains each one. From needle seat tension to paint flow control, the individual adjustments are explained in detail, with specific reference to the different airbrush brands. Too many first-time airbrush users have trouble because they don't know how to clean and maintain the airbrush. This new book from Wolfgang Publications explains how to disassemble and clean all the major brands of airbrush. Whether the airbrush is from Japan or Germany, the tools and techniques needed for complete disassembly and cleaning are listed in detail. Common repairs are covered as well. Anyone who's ever wondered how to straighten a bent needle or clean a sticky air valve needs this book. Sealing threads and replacing worn needle seats are covered as well. The best airbrush in the world isn't any good without a source of air. Steve discusses different compressor types and the advantages or disadvantages of each. Is a diaphragm compressor better than a piston-style compressor? And how should that compressor be maintained? Read this book and find out. Though the book is designed to help airbrush users maintain and repair their airbrushes, Steve uses two chapters to explain airbrush painting basics. From types of paint to trigger control, Steve provides information useful to both beginners and more experienced artists. No airbrush manual is complete without a discussion of the three basics stokes, and all three are covered here with illustrations and examples. Steve closes the book with a gallery of airbrush art, and an airbrush buyers guide to help readers choose wisely when they buy their first, or their fifth, airbrush.

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