How to be the Best Speaker in Town

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How to be the Best Speaker in Town 9781865089973

ISBN : 9781865089973
Publisher : Allen & Unwin
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Overview Speaking in public is not a mysterious gift bestowed on the lucky few at birth. It's merely a skill. And, like all skills, it can be developed and improved. With this book let best-selling author and internationally acclaimed speaker and communicator Doug Malouf show you how to develop your skills as a powerful public speaker. Whether giving a wedding speech or a multi-million dollar presentation to a business client, How to be the Best Speaker in Town will provide you with all the tips and information you'll need for that 'perfect performance on the day'. This highly entertaining, easy-to-read and practical book will show you: -how developing your speaking skills will boost your self-confidence and enhance your career prospects -some simple and effective techniques for overcoming nerves -how to ensure that your speech is always right for your audience -the '7 Rules of Humour' -how to master the 'skim-and-speak' technique -how to prepare a speech file so that you will always have something worthwhile to say - no matter what the occasion -the art of practising your speech so that even if the roof caves in you will

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