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Human Pharmacology: Molecular to Clinical

Human Pharmacology: Molecular to Clinical

ISBN 9780815124566
Edition 3 Revised edition
Publisher Duke University Press
A clinically relevant introduction to pharmacology, this book approaches the subject by organizing drugs of a class according to the characteristics of the class - including mechanisms of action and side effects. Individual drugs are then discussed in relation to other drugs in their class. Molecular mechanism are discussed to underscore how individual drugs exert their clinical effects, and why certain drugs are better in some situations than others. This organizational and molecular approach to the subject is designed to help to begin to understand the strengths and weaknesses of drugs, both in comparison with each other and in specific clinical situations. There are over 400 full-colour, detailed illustrations which explain the processes, structures and interactions of the drugs in question. Boxes and tables are colour coded and designed for rapid access "cramming" revision. A section is included examining drugs being evaluated for future use, and there is a multiple choice question section at the end of each chapter to allow on-going self-assessment by the reader.

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