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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

ISBN 9780078112799
Edition 11
Publication Date
Publisher Mcgraw Hill

Part I: Introduction and Background of Human Resources

Chapter 1: Human Resource Management: A Strategic Function Chapter 2: Equal Employment Opportunity: The Legal Environment Chapter 3: Implementing Equal Employment Opportunity Chapter 4: Job Analysis and Design

Part 2: Acquiring Human Resources

Chapter 5: Human Resource Planning Chapter 6: Recruiting Employees Chapter 7: Selecting Employees

Part 3: Training and Developing Employees

Chapter 8: Orientation and Employee Training Chapter 9: Management and Organizational Development Chapter 10: Career Development Chapter 11: Performance Management Systems

Part 4: Compensating Human Resources

Chapter 12: The Organizational Reward System Chapter 13: Base Wage and Salary Systems Chapter 14: Incentive Pay Systems Chapter 15: Employee Benefits

Part 5: Employee Well-Being and Labor Relations

Chapter 16: Employee Safety and Health Chapter 17: Employee Relations Chapter 18: The Legal Environment and Structure of Labor Unions Chapter 19: Union Organizing Campaigns and Collective Bargaining

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