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Human Resource Management in Sport and Recreation

Human Resource Management in Sport and Recreation

ISBN 9780873229739
Publisher Bethany House Publishers
Considers the critical aspects of human resource management within sport and recreation organizations. This book focuses on the key groups that comprise human resources and presents conceptual guidelines for matching managerial processes with individual differences between these groups. It explains how to tailor human resource practices to fit each sport or organization's particular goals, products, markets and technologies. Part One outlines the unique and common characteristics of the three groups in human resources: volunteers, professionals and clients. Part Two discusses differences among people and how they affect behaviour in sport and recreation organizations. This section covers human resource issues related to abilities, personality, values and motivation among the three sets. Part Three explores significant organizational processes in the management of human resources. Included are chapters on job design, staffing, leadership, performance appraisal, reward systems and organizational justice. The final part discusses two significant outcomes expected of human resource practices: satisfaction and commitment.

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