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Human Structure and Function: Nursing Applications in Clinical Practice

Human Structure and Function: Nursing Applications in Clinical Practice

ISBN 9780723426615
Edition 2 Revised edition
Publisher David & Charles
Written specifically for nurses, this major text provides the anatomy and physiology necessary for the completion of the Common Foundation Programme. It is practice-based throughout and integrated with relevant nursing research, health education, health promotion and pathophysiology. Features: * Diploma and degree level text * Learning aids * 2-colour design BENEFITS: * Provides a base of anatomy on which to develop physiology knowledge, normal function is clearly separated from sections on altered physiology/pathology by an icon. New chapter on 'Growth and Development'. * Overview, learning outcomes, person-centred study boxes, key words, special focus boxes, nursing practice application boxes, for example, highlighting relevance to all four branches of Project 2000, healthier living boxes containing relevant health promotion strategies, summary/check lists, self tests, references, further reading and appendices. * Clear in layout and consistently organised for easy access of information.

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