Hutley's Australian Wills and Precedents

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Hutley's Australian Wills and Precedents 9780409324563

ISBN : 9780409324563
Publisher : Butterworths
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Edition : 7th edition
Overview Since its first publication in 1970, Hutley's Australian Wills Precedents has become the essential reference work on the art of will drafting in Australia. The 7th edition is much more than an 'update' of the previous edition. The whole book has been thoroughly examined and reconsidered. The text, forms and precedents have been revised and in many places rewritten and extended. New cases and statutes have been taken into account and contentious issues critically examined. The precedent for a testamentary discretionary family trust will fill a need. These trusts are very difficult to draft. The trust offered here is a flexible, middle-of-the-road, general vehicle, designed to be adaptable to the needs of clients and practitioners. It allows for income splitting and offers some asset protection. The precedent is considered and explained in the text and is accompanied by a full and detailed explanatory document to be given to clients. The new, detailed, Table of Contents is intended to be a search engine, to complement the conventional index. It is a comprehensive list of all chapter and paragraph headings, occupying many pages; it therefore offers ready access to the matters which a will drafter has to consider. A Compact Disc containing all the precedents and forms in Microsoft Word 2002 format is included. Related Titles: * Boaden, Collins, Phillips & Sparke, Wills Probate and Administration Service Victoria (looseleaf and online) * Haines, Construction of Wills in Australia, 2007 * Handler & Handler, Mason & Handler's Introduction to the Succession Act 2006: The Law of Wills, 2008 * Hockley, MacMillan & Curthoys, Wills Probate and Administration Service WA (looseleaf and online) * Mackie, Principles of Australian Succession Law, 2008 * Mason & Handler, Succession Law and Practice New South Wales (looseleaf and online)



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