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I Journalist

I Journalist

ISBN 9780733984037
Publication Date
Publisher Pearson Education Australia (Tertiary)
This product has been discontinued.
I, Journalist invites journalists, and people wanting to enter the journalistic field, to take a hard look at the place occupied by their line of work in the 21st century. It views journalism as a kind of knowledge and skill which is very central to surviving and prospering in the new economy - an economy built increasingly on communication and creativity. It is even suggested that everybody could do well to become a journalist, at least to some extent. Not that the path will be easy and practitioners have to make some big adjustments as they face the new demands of emerging communication technology and expectations in society. This book moves away from the tradition of journalism texts focused on writing, ethics and media production, to look at mass media and society, strictly as observed from journalists' own informed perspective.

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